home hits home a point

after only 17 hours at home, i’m back at the airport en route to vienna. although i was fully aware of this trip before i left, it still forces me to confront my normal working life head-on without any settling-down time. what aggravates the situation is that no-one knows that i’ve been gone and everyone assumes that they can come back piling even more work on me since i’ve resumed normal service with on-site availability…

switzerland and austria are strange places to be after 3 weeks in india. the quiet, the calm, lane discipline, so much personal space (i.e. less people), the fresh air… almost any aspect of life here is different. i’m not saying everything is necessarily better here, but that the problems discussed hotly here pale in comparison to the challenges india faces in a very near future.

during many a meeting throughout the next 2 days off-site, my thoughts are somewhere completely different. looking forward to telling people about my adventure and making an impact here, too.

btw: a documentary well worth watching is “HOME” by Yann Arthus-Bertrand. Brilliant images, compelling story, chilling outlook > it tells a story about how on our small planet all things are interlinked and what happens if one species starts changing the delicate balance of things.