new blog theme

i met with nico yesterday to discuss my needs re. the decision was taken to change the main domain to since most readers were from english-speaking regions and no-one in switzerland would take offence if the blog was in english. nico and i decided on which premium template we want to go ahead with crisp from woothemes is what you are looking at now.

Team Images for WAVE2011 India Website

We’re ready! just a few days ago, the indian organizers wanted an image with the team and vehicle. very difficult, if the vehicle in question is 800km away, tucked into a container! with the help of thomas möckli from elektrofahrzeuge möckli and an exceptionally beautiful friday afternoon, we were able to take some pictures and the image above is the one we chose for the international WAVE2011 site.     jean claude’s avatar         andrew’s avatar              

vienna > bremen > container

the WAVE meeting yesterday was interesting, but left me with just 7 hours to empty my suitcase and get ready for yet another flight – this time to the middle east: tel aviv. after 4 hours flight i arrive in tel aviv early afternoon and am greeted with 30°C and sunshine – a very welcome change to the cool autumn weather we’ve been having lately. everytime i travel to a country far away, i very quickly miss the freedom (…and attention) the TWIKE offers. this time it is different, however.  i’ll be without the TWIKE until end of november! on […]

meet the other wave teams

after a tearful good-bye from my TWIKE in vienna and an utterly uneventful flight to zurich late friday evening, i arrive at zurich airport where louisorganized a first team get-together (the date and venue were carefully engineered to match my schedule, since i would not be back to switzerland for the next 2 weeks. 5 teams showed up: team pasol solar / electric mobility veteran, has already taken part in WAVE2011 team twingo india veterans, having lived there, they know country and culture like no-one else and gave us a good idea what to expect team stoll greendestination’s first team […]

Vienna: Last Days with the TWIKE

vienna. i travel to this city about once every two weeks for a few days on business. about 5-6 times a year i stay for a week or so and then i usually take the twike to vienna or travel to other cities nearby such as bratislava or brno. getting to vienna by twike is quite comfortable and easy. from home, i drive to feldkirch, then take the night train to vienna and drive off the train at 0730 in the morning at the central vienna westbahnhof. like anywhere in the world – here in vienna – the TWIKE arouses […]

it’s a *yes*

i’ve spoken with my boss and although it’s the busiest 2 weeks during the year, he’s agreed to let me go on the WAVE2011 india! HURRAY!!! it’s not like i’m going to be on vacation, though. i’m going to be working and connected to the web via an indian data sim. thankfully, india is 4 1/2 hours ahead of switzerland and therefore i will be able to drive the morning stages of the WAVE2011 myself. during the lunch break and the afternoon, i will be using my laptop and the data connection to take care of anything going on back […]