TWIKE pilot community – compassion and camaraderie

News of my accident traveled through the grapevines of the TWIKE community at light speed – TW560’s absence was noticed by many during TWIKE Klub’s 2018 general assembly in Berne. I was asked a lot of questions what happened and how TW560 was doing. Out of nowhere I got multiple offers to borrow and drive […]


TW560 – rebuild strategy

I have CHF 15,000 to spend. What needs to be replaced? Space Frame Hood Plexiglas front windshield Luran outer skin How do I get the parts … and from where? Buying new parts is expensive. Used parts are the way to go. However, finding larger used Luran components is near-impossible, because they are usually attached […]

My insurance company got back to me!

After a few days back and forth, my insurance guy agreed to my suggestion of keeping the case as an accident and me signing a waiver! This is very good news – this means: TW560 will not be auctioned. TW560 stays with me. TW560 will be repaired. TW560 will live on as my partner on […]

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TW560…a total loss

After registering my accident – Just a few days later, I get a call from my insurance (I really like Swiss efficiency!) The appraisal had led to the conclusion that my vehicle was a total loss. Given all the money I had invested into the vehicle during the last 11 years, they were ready to […]


Let’s talk to my insurer…

We pick up with me having gotten a first estimate from Andreas from Ksenotek for the repairs resulting from my recent accident. As one of the first steps, I had to register my accident with my insurance. Usually, there comes the moment where they ask which type of vehicle I own, how many kilometres I’ve […]


TWIKE-less comforting by an i8…a semi-green option

Another unexpected friendly gesture (besides many others) after my total-loss accident with TW560 came from my neighbor. A car buff (he owns a beetle and an original Jaguar E-Type and drives a luxury version of a Range Rover for his daily commute) he has always been interested in the EV’s and prototypes I’ve been driving […]


TW560 accident damage assessment

My accident was on a late evening driving back home from an event. I flipped TW560 whilst avoiding a neighbor’s cat, then crossed my neighbor’s front garden suspended in a flipped-over TWIKE and came to a shuddering stop at her house’s wall – all whilst suspended at 130° sideways. Since the distance back home wasn’t […]


Is this the end of TW560?

I haven’t been blogging too much lately – because I’ve been too shell-shocked by an accident I had with TW560. The good news is: I didn’t sustain any major injuries. The bad news is: TW560 wasn’t as lucky. Major structural issues with most of the vehicle – close to everything has to be replaced. Repairs […]


A hard-top for TWIKE’s?

Driving a TWIKE in summer is grand – take off the Targa canopy and you get the same outside feeling you would get with a convertible car. This is why TW560’s canopy is off for most of any summer. Winter is much less fun. The dark canopy makes the interior a rather cramped and dark […]


Hello 2018!

I haven’t been blogging too much lately and there are still about 5 entries waiting for completion…I’ll get to why in this post, which is a re-cap of what went on in November and December 2017. First of all, I decided to quit my job after 3 years to pursue a new career in regulatory […]