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TDB2015 – Day10: snow! & an executive decision

time flies when you’re having fun! today is the last day of our epic trans-european tdb2015-trip! weather hasn’t changed since yesterday. torrential rain continues and low-hanging clouds shroud all surrounding mountains. After a hearty breakfast we load our stuff into TW560 and set out to cross the arlberg pass. our optional route via lech / […]


TDB2015 – Day9: entering the alps

our day starts early again. after a hearty breakfast, we check-out and are personally seen off by the owner of the guest house. as a first, today, heavy rain instead of sunshine awaits us as we get into TW560. one design drawback of a twike is the canopy which opens to the front. during rain, […]


TDB2015 – Day8: austrian backwaters to a chinese majority

it’s difficult to leave a place like this. after our well-deserved R&R we start early again – today, we go back to our usual very small roads, driving from village to village, from farm to farm, taking in the sights as they come. we say goodbye to my family and with this TDB2015‘s last leg […]


TDB2015 – Day7: r&r in bad leonfelden, austria

aaah. a day dedicated to relaxation and recreation. after catching-up on family affairs until 2am (and drinking lots of very good austrian wine), i get up about 8.30am and venture outside to take in the landscape. just a mere 2km off the czech border, this place is in midst of a plateau called mühlviertel in […]


TDB2015 – Day6: a dash across cz

another day welcomes us with brilliant sunlight. still stunningly large, our rooms seem even bigger when bathed in sunlight. check out the third room of my already large suite: everything in this hotel is large – even the smaller windows in the lobby seem like they were sourced from a church. on checking out, i […]


TDB2015 – Day5: rural poland

we start out early again – the weather promises to be as perfect as yesterday. TW560 is fully charged and ready – even with a very complicated infrastructure. getting out of bydgoszcz is quite challenging – as the bridge leading over the river brda seems to suggest 🙂 our day is magical. after a few […]


TDB2015 – Day4: Poland, here we come!

it’s good to be back in the twike! we start out early and make our way out of kaliningrad city. on very, very bad and bumpy roads which only get better after we leave the city behind us. we drive along the coast and through some old villages which have both old german houses and […]


тдб2015 – день3: Калининград

join us discovering kaliningrad on our first drive-free day during TDB2015. those only interested hard-core TWIKE action: there is a parallel universe, where one can use one’s own legs to get around town :o) after sleeping just 3 hours, i get up quite refreshed and head down to have some breakfast. the situation in the […]


TDB2015 – Day2: pushing the limits of 15.75Ah

today, we shall be – without planning for it – pushing the limits of distances which can be covered with the battery capacity available to TW560 within one day. [spoiler alert: today, we’ll be driving a whopping 542kms.] everything starts out very normal: i get up early and put some finishing touches on an entry […]


TDB2015 – Day1: Tallin to Riga

finally: our trans-european TDB2015-tour starts today! after getting back to villa poska around midnight we both sleep very well. helped by a sunrise around 0400 we get up around 0630 and are treated to home-cooked porridge. our goal for today is to reach riga. tallin looks grand, bathed in golden sunlight – morning traffic is […]