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Battieres: Current status & how to keep them healthy

Batteries: the most important part of an electric vehicle and the most expensive part, too! EV drivers always obsess about remaining capacity (…especially the ones that use their EV for more than just their daily commute) and which external factors can contribute to capacity loss…and what can be done to preserve capacity as much as […]


Display troubles…

Just after arriving back from my one-day-trip to Feldkirch, TW560’s display started acting strange, showing confusing information. My TWIKE was working fine overall, so it wasn’t any serious problem. I suspected this to be the same problem I experienced during my 2011 trip to India, where challenging roads made a daughter board from TW560’s new […]


as you might know, older swiss twikes are fitted with a plexi windscreen to save weight. (elsewhere in the EU, the glass manufacturer-lobby was successful in having legislation for cars include glass as the only material approved for windscreens…which adds an uncool 30kgs to european twikes and forces even the hyper-efficient VW XL1 to have […]

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IEC type 2 for TW560

remember us lamenting the unavailability of a reliable solution to connect to IEC Type2 socket – to allow for a tri-phase charge of at least one TWIKE, better two. well, finally, TW560 gets it’s type2 plug. there are multiple ways how to make this work. i downloaded the official documents from mennekes and combined the […]

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