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Geneva Motor Show 2016 – mixed emotions

Geneva Motor Show – 10 years of visiting this event with an eye on electric mobility. Will we finally have the electric breakthrough? [Spoiler alert: Sadly, no] There are some signs, though. The image above is Rimac’s concept_one car, a 800kW, 1000+bhp all-electric supercar. Interestingly it is the #1 image hit when you search for […]


Fun at Tesla’s store in Zurich

Being the organizer/sponsor of events for my company I’m really happy – where possible – to include my personal interests. In the past, organizing events including electric cars was a tedious or even impossible task. Now, the time is – finally – ripe! Currently, no other EV-brand has both the coolness and media exposure as […]


i3: one day with BMW’s ev-offering … & four swiss passes

not long ago, a petrol-head friend of mine converted from driving a 550hp bmw alpina to an i3. his first ever ev-drive was one i organized for him to participate at the world record attempt in zurich in 2013 where he was provided with a renault fluence z.e., an ev with one claim to fame: […]