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TWIKE pilot community – compassion and camaraderie

News of my accident traveled through the grapevines of the TWIKE community at light speed – TW560’s absence was noticed by many during TWIKE Klub’s 2018 general assembly in Berne. I was asked a lot of questions what happened and how TW560 was doing. Out of nowhere I got multiple offers to borrow and drive […]


TW560 – rebuild strategy

I have CHF 15,000 to spend. What needs to be replaced? Space Frame Hood Plexiglas front windshield Luran outer skin How do I get the parts … and from where? Buying new parts is expensive. Used parts are the way to go. However, finding larger used Luran components is near-impossible, because they are usually attached […]

My insurance company got back to me!

After a few days back and forth, my insurance guy agreed to my suggestion of keeping the case as an accident and me signing a waiver! This is very good news – this means: TW560 will not be auctioned. TW560 stays with me. TW560 will be repaired. TW560 will live on as my partner on […]

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TW560…a total loss

After registering my accident – Just a few days later, I get a call from my insurance (I really like Swiss efficiency!) The appraisal had led to the conclusion that my vehicle was a total loss. Given all the money I had invested into the vehicle during the last 11 years, they were ready to […]


Let’s talk to my insurer…

We pick up with me having gotten a first estimate from Andreas from Ksenotek for the repairs resulting from my recent accident. As one of the first steps, I had to register my accident with my insurance. Usually, there comes the moment where they ask which type of vehicle I own, how many kilometres I’ve […]


TW560 accident damage assessment

My accident was on a late evening driving back home from an event. I flipped TW560 whilst avoiding a neighbor’s cat, then crossed my neighbor’s front garden suspended in a flipped-over TWIKE and came to a shuddering stop at her house’s wall – all whilst suspended at 130° sideways. Since the distance back home wasn’t […]


Is this the end of TW560?

I haven’t been blogging too much lately – because I’ve been too shell-shocked by an accident I had with TW560. The good news is: I didn’t sustain any major injuries. The bad news is: TW560 wasn’t as lucky. Major structural issues with most of the vehicle – close to everything has to be replaced. Repairs […]


A hard-top for TWIKE’s?

Driving a TWIKE in summer is grand – take off the Targa canopy and you get the same outside feeling you would get with a convertible car. This is why TW560’s canopy is off for most of any summer. Winter is much less fun. The dark canopy makes the interior a rather cramped and dark […]


Hello 2018!

I haven’t been blogging too much lately and there are still about 5 entries waiting for completion…I’ll get to why in this post, which is a re-cap of what went on in November and December 2017. First of all, I decided to quit my job after 3 years to pursue a new career in regulatory […]


To be expected after 17 years…

Once every month, I check my TWIKE’s exterior for potential problems (like this one, or this one) that are easily fixed if detected early and turn can into very costly repairs, if left unattended. This entry shows you another part of your TWIKE you should check regularly – which I haven’t … until now. TW560’s […]