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TWIKE leaves Mumbai 28dec11

LOADING CONFIRMATION SHIPPER NAME : BUHARIWALA LOGISTICS PORT : BREMERHAVEN, GERMANY PKGS : 04 UNPACK VEHICLES CONTAINER NO. : GESU4641624 VESSEL NAME & VOY : HANJIN MUMBAI V- 01148/S ETD JNPT : 28.12.2011 Tks / Best Regards Buhariwala Logistics Armayesh Buhariwala ****************************************************************** AN ISO 9001:2008 CERTIFIED COMPANY Buhariwala Logistics Vakharia House, 1st Floor 51/53 Bora […]

TWIKE back at indian customs

jc and the gang start the labourous procedure of exporting the cars. there is not much to say, other than there is a last drive from mumbai back to the customs compound which the TWIKE completes without any problems. then the usual procedures start – moving the vehicles from office to office and then to […]

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home hits home a point

after only 17 hours at home, i’m back at the airport en route to vienna. although i was fully aware of this trip before i left, it still forces me to confront my normal working life head-on without any settling-down time. what aggravates the situation is that no-one knows that i’ve been gone and everyone […]

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WAVE India Day16: Final Stage to Mumbai

our last day on the WAVE india. this last stage will take us from the pune plateau down to hot and steamy mumbai. we first set out to pick up the think-driving part of the WAVE at another hotel close to pune. very spontaneously we decide that this might be a good time to take […]

WAVE India Day 15: Kolhapur – Satara – Pune

today, again, we need to split up, since the “big battery” cars are still charging and want to have enough time to fully charge their batteries before setting out and then have enough time to charge the batteries at the first stop in satara. the “small battery / fast charging” battery cars, Reva and TWIKE […]

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WAVE India Day14: Goa – Belgaum – Kolhapur

we leave early and drive towards the hills. we decide not to charge at the first stop where everyone else just eats breakfast but to press onwards, albeit very slowly. we are sure that with very economic driving that we can make it or that we just need to charge for 15-30 mins somewhere. the […]


another little thing…

what's that new rattle / squeak?
one TWIKE pilot to another TWIKE pilot in india

WAVE India Day13: Goa

a non-driving day. i empty the TWIKE and set out with Louis to buy some gifts and souvenirs for my loved ones. then desaster strikes again: the TWIKE suddenly stops working (…again!) we have to tow it back to the hotel and i start delving back into the TWIKE’s belly. what i see is horrible. […]

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WAVE India Day12: Honavar > Goa

after a short night in a hotel which was built along the lines of maximum sound propagation inside and maximum sound absorption from outside, we arrive at the lobby to be greeted by a local who wants to invite us to his house for breakfast. just a few kms down the road we arrive and […]


WAVE India Day11: Chickmagluru > Honavar

today we start out at 6.30 am. the guys at the hotel promise us again, that the road will be beautiful. our next destination is the jawaharlal nehru national college of engineering in shimoga. but before we need to negotiate some 103kms of roads through the mountains down to a the plain on which shimoga […]